Company database

Brief introduction to the project

Custom developed online company data service for subscibers. Database contains detailed economical, marketing and risk information of hungarian companies.

Company data can be filtered, searched, exported, and retrieved by year. Speed optimalization, speeding up database queries was essential and important part of the development.

Since one of the crucial part of the development was to reach the highest speeds possible with such high number of data, it was decided common content managment solutions are not to be used.

Complex data queries

Many filtering conditions, simple and highly customizable complex queries are available at an above average speed.

company database complex queries
company database economical data

Detailed economic data

Economical data of companies can be filtered and viewed many years back. Clear and spectacular charts optimized for each kind of display.

Risk analysis

Risk analysis information and events can be filtered and retrieved for years back.

company database economical data (2)