Speeding-up websites

  • Your site is up and running, but really slow?
  • It was all good, but then some pages slowed down, or even wouldn’t load!

Sounds familiar?

Why is the download speed so important?

First obvious answer would be user experience. We all got used to fast internet. We need information and we want it now. When the user reaches your site for services or products and all he gets is a loading blank page will most likely try your competitor’s page. People got used to quick responses, and we need to serve them ASAP.

The less known reason is the Google website ranking system. The smaller the response and download time, the better ranking you got. Or the other way round: the slower the site, the lower the chance to get higher. Sure there are other factors then speed, but is as important as any other!

  • Don’t lose customers because of slow performance!
  • You may lose potential business opportunities because of a small mistake.

How is speeding up your website done?

01 Assessment and discussion

The first step is to evaluate which parts or functions of the site have inadequate speed. You encountered the problem. You know your site, so you most likely know it was always slow, slowed down gradually or suddenly. The whole web page is slow, or just some of its parts/functions. Have you noticed that whether it depends on time of day, number of visitors or the device used for browsing. These are all important informations for an effective survey. In general, prior access to the source and database of the site is important, so it’s easier to determine the possible causes and the amount of work to be done. A realistic quote can be given after getting familiar with the source and the database.

02 Analysis

Assessment and discussion helps to outline how complex the work is. When the problem and it’s solution looks obvious, the analysis is free of charge and you pay only for the solution. On the other hand if the problem is complex or your site is too big, i give you quote for the analysis too. Analysis is about finding critical parts and bottlenecks of the website’s serving process. After tracking down the problems I’ll introduce you to the results, possible solutions and their prices.

Prices for analysis

03 Speeding up website (speed optimalization)

Steps will be taken in accordance with the agreement, so the website or it’s slow functions should become faster. Steps can include tweaking settings, updating components, programming, etc. The established fee will be due upon successful completion.

Speed up prices


If speed optimization did not work, you don’t have to pay for it.
The copy of your site used for analysis and repair will be used for these purposes only, will not be handed over to third-party, and will be deleted after work is done.

What do we need for speeding up your site?

  • access to the folders and source of your site (FTP or some online interface)
  • access to the database(s) (phpMyAdmin or similar application for MySQL)
  • we may need to get a copy of the source and database in order to inspect and/or repair your website while not interfering with your live website
  • if copying is not possible, you should provide a test environment on your server


Prices for analysis

The following prices apply to hourly rates and are for informative purposes only.

  • Basic website
  • Free of charge
  • Remote
  • 3 990 HUF
    taxes included, every started hour
  • On-site
  • 6 990 HUF
    taxes included, every started hour + travel fee 1

Prices for speeding up website

The following prices apply to hourly rates and are for informative purposes only.
In the case of project-based accounting, the price is established by agreement.

  • Project based
  • According to agreement
  • Remote
  • 3 990 HUF
    taxes included, every started hour
  • On-site
  • not possible due to the current situation