Web application development

  • Web-based application/service development
  • Convert legacy application to web-based application

How does simple web-based application work?

Basically as a website. The business logic of the application runs on the server side, which processes requests sent from browser and sends reply as necessery. Client side’s (the browser) task is to show the application’s interface as a website and send requests to server invoked by user’s actions.

The figure below illustrates this server-client architecture. We have the database server (DB) and webserver on the server side, and the devices capable of running a browser on the client side.

The very heart of the system is the webserver, more specifically the application running on it, which contains the so-called business logic. It’s purpose is to be a link between the database server and the clients. This is also an important defence line, because if the business logic is well-written, it’s not possible to read, write and delete data unauthorized. The database server itself is invisible to the outside world, it’s only connected to the application running with the help of the webserver. Clients connect to the webserver with the browser’s capability to show HTML pages and ability to run client side applications.

This architecture is quite flexible, because it can be used on local network as well as on the internet from anywhere in the world. The server machine can be own, based in own site or server farm. It can be leased, or be split server (if data security and speed is not important). Database server and the webserver can run on the same machine or on more than one.

Advantages of web-based applications over legacy applications

Independent of the operating system

The client interface runs in browser, so it works on any operating system which has a compatible browser, including free and open source operating systems.

Independent of the hardware

It works on any hardware which capable to run a compatible browser, so it’s available on PCs, Macs, mini-PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones too.

Independent of the site

The architecture is based on networking, so it can be accessed any place in the world where internet is available. Web-based applications ease remote working, communication between sites and administrative tasks of travelling agents.


  • fully functional on completely free software environment. On free of charge OS, browser, server side applications (database server, webserver, web application interpreter)
  • based on open source, constantly developed and free software solutions, so updates cost no money
  • going from legacy to web-based environment there is usually no need for hardware investment, because businesses tend to have all the devices needed to host the application, including computers/phones/etc, local network, internet


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