Website maintenance

  • So parts of your site don’t work well or concerned about security of your data?
  • Would like to change the look and feel?
  • You need new pages, new functions?

Here’s a good solution for you:

Maintenance, monthly plan

It is recommended for websites needing regular updates and upgrades, and security is important. It is possible to arrange scheduled and repeating tasks. Monthly plan gives you constant safety, you can send e-mail anytime and phone in working hours to indicate your claims. It’s cheap and offers a significant discount compared to the normal development fees.

The following are included in the maintenance / monthly plan, until the time frame specified

  • developing new features, installing extensions
  • fixing broken functions
  • extending features
  • fixing and editing design
  • backing up website and database
  • uploading content and images

Maintenance montly plan prices

Maintenance/development, one-time

You need this if your website is otherwise in good hands, you are able and willing to do basic maintenance, but encountered a serious problem and need professional help.

Hourly rated or project based solutions for these problems (and not only):

Prices for development

  • Safety for you site at affordble rates!

What do we need for maintenance?

  • access to the folders and source of your site (FTP or some online interface)
  • access to the database(s) (phpMyAdmin or similar application for MySQL)
  • we may need to get a copy of the source and database in order to not interfere with your live website
  • if copying is not possible, you should provide a test environment on your server


Maintenance montly plan prices

Monthly plans and fees are for informational purposes only, and can be customized by agreement.

  • Max. 2 hours/month
  • 5 990 HUF
    taxes included
  • Max. 3 hours/month
  • 8 190 HUF
    taxes included
  • Max. 4 hours/month
  • 9 990 HUF
    taxes included
  • …or ask for a custom solution!

The fees apply to the monthly maintenance of 1 web site with the maximum duration specified. One-time maintenance fees apply to works done after monthly duration exceeded.
The monthly fee must be payed even when no work has been done during the period. Hours not used for works cannot be transferred to the next months.
The monthly maintenance contract may be terminated by the customer only by paying the monthly fees due for the remainder of the period for the first 3 months. Contract may be modified in common will. Customer has the right to choose a more favorable package from the following month anytime.

One-time maintenance and development prices

The following prices apply to hourly rates and are for informative purposes only.
In the case of project-based accounting, the price is established by agreement.

  • Project based
  • According to agreement
  • Remote
  • 3 990 HUF
    taxes included, every started hour
  • On-site
  • not possible due to the current situation

1 free of charge to Budapest 3rd district, 2 500 HUF to other districts, by agreement to outside of Budapest