Website responsive re-design

  • Your website still not optimized for smartphones?
  • With responsive design your old fashioned site will get a new skin, looking good on every display with usability in mind!

Why is responsive design important?

User experience

Keeping our visitors on our website is fundamental. We’re making websites so we can sell more products or services to more users and deliver our message to a larger audience. If your website looks good on all displays, you keep more visitors. If it’s not, you lose visitors – and money.

Widespread use of mobile for the Internet

With the spread and development of Apple and Android phones more than half of the users nowdays use mobile phone for browsing on the internet. Therefore your website should be good-looking and easy to use especially on handheld devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Usability in mind

It is especially important to take into account the specific features of the browsing tools, such as the differences between conventional mouse + keyboard and touch screen input modes. The correct responsive design takes into account not only the aesthetics but the way in which the site will be used. For example, in business applications – where many tables, graphs, statistics and input panels have to be displayed – it is important that they all showed correctly and data input fits capabilities of the device.

Search Engine Optimization

The picture is clear: if a website is not designed in responsive way, Google ranks it back in the hit lists, so this is another important factor in search marketing.

  • In a nutshell, responsive design is essential!

How is responsive re-design done?

01 Discussion

The first step is a free of charge meeting or online/phone discussion, where we can evaluate the size of the work. Determine what state your website currently in and what do we want to achieve. Should we keep it’s structure or needs a complete rework. We select the technology to be used and the source of design materials/styles together.

02 Responsive redesign

Work will be done in accordance with the agreement, so you will get a good looking and easy to use site for all widespread screens available. If it’s not just a new skin, care must be taken to migrate site’s contents, especially stuff important in terms of search engine optimization.


The following prices apply to hourly rates and are for informative purposes only.
In the case of project-based accounting, the price is established by agreement.

  • Project based
  • According to agreement
  • Hourly rate
  • 3 990 HUF
    taxes included, every started hour